vWorkspace connector – cannot load vw0.pit

First post to this blog to celebrate that I’ve resolved an issue that has plagued our service desk intermittently for quite some time. I was frustrated by the amount of incidents that ended with “problem went away” etc. and I’m never up for just totally wiping the local profile.

The user was getting this error message when trying to launch a remote desktop session, and I noticed he also had a lot of error messages in his Application event log referencing a cache, and I remembered some fun and games with the WebCache in the local profile.

vWorkspace connector for Windows – Cannot load file “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\vw0.pit”

I did the following to resolve it (logged in as the user):

  • Close all instances of Internet Explorer
  • Open Task Manager and go to the details tab, then “End task” on taskhostex.exe (if it’s running) – this is a service that does maintenance on Internet Explorer cache/etc.
  • Go into the Microsoft\Windows area of the local user profile – easiest to go to Start > Run and enter %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows
  • Enable system files from view > options > view (show hidden files and don’t hide protected operating system files)
  • Rename the WebCache folder
  • Relaunch Internet Explorer; it will recreate a clean copy of the WebCache and everything should work again
  • (and maybe revert the folder view settings for the user)

User is now happily able to connect to his remote sessions. Hope this helps someone else!

(Please excuse the simplicity of some of the explanations! The bullet points were copied directly from some internal notes I wrote.)