SCSM 2016 – invalid enumeration mapping when importing a management pack

I hate to admit this took me about two hours to discover the resolution to. I ended up using this reference to point me in the right direction, but I did something slightly different. I discovered that the invalid enumeration mapping was the category for my service offering. We have a category group called “ICT Services” for our service management functions in both the test system and the live system, but of course this has a different GUID in each one.
<ServiceOffering ID="Offering076ac84aafcf4780bd55a0296cc8b772" InstanceName="Asset Management" Title="Asset Management" PublishDate="2018-09-19T11:11:34+01:00" Status="System.Offering.StatusEnum.Published" Category="Enum.b16bfd77f7c14220b9a6393c80e54102" CultureName="">
To resolve the issue, I exported a management pack from the live system that has a service offering in the “ICT Services” category group, picked out the Category=”Enum… string from there, and pasted it into the management pack I was trying to export. After this, the management pack imported absolutely fine! I just hope this helps someone.